Believing in a Better BC

20160316-BowinnM-NorouzFJ-8.jpgThe failure of the Provincial Government to support our hard working families is what has convinced me that a new provincial government is urgently needed. 

The direct and immediate evidence of their failure can be seen everywhere I go. I hear it in the voices of my friends as they talk about their struggles to provide for their children the life they know they deserve. I feel it with the tears of loved ones desperate to find adequate health care support for those close to them. I see it on the faces of my neighbours as they work longer and longer hours with less and less to show for it. I know it in my breaking heart when I pass the homeless in the streets; I know that for every person sleeping out in the open are dozens more struggling on the precipice of homelessness.

We are a remarkable province filled with remarkable people who deserve so much better than a Government that allows BC's public education to be underfunded by over $1000 per student per year; that maintains the lowest minimum wage in Canada while simultaneously boasting of a strong economy; that fails to encourage industries that provide sustainable long term jobs for our highly talented and skilled workforce; that refuses to address the issue of affordability within our cities; that ignores the seriousness of climate change; that laughs in the face of the public when it comes to transparency and openness....the list goes on.

BC can do better and British Columbians deserve better. I can and I will fight for a better future.

I Believe in a Better BC. To get there we need:

  1. A data-based analytical approach to policy making that aims to provide real long term solutions, not just good election material.
  2. To address the housing affordability issue head on.
  3. To provide a strong and robust public education system that prioritizes students and receives stable and adequate funding.
  4. Major infrastructure investments that lead BC into an environmentally sustainable economy and future. This means public transportation infrastructure, green energy development investments, and moving away from our dependence on oil and gas.
  5. To create a province-wide poverty reduction strategy.

Those are my top five, but there's so much more to be done. We also need:

  1. A strong universal healthcare system that includes dental benefits, pharmaceutical coverage, and mental health support.
  2. To re-evaluate our provincial revenue streams and a deliberate reduction of regressive taxes (MSP, user fees, etc).
  3. Support for new immigrants in their transition to the BC workforce.
  4. To increase minimum wage while supporting small businesses through the transition to ensure their success.
  5. To develop and incentivize sustainable industries that support good quality stable jobs for the province.
  6. To evaluate the current carbon tax model and improve upon it, ensuring that incentives are appropriately aligned to actively reduce total provincial carbon emissions while supporting green technologies and industries.
  7. To consider a basic income model as a way to reduce poverty, inequality, and address the growing trend of automation replacing workers in the field.

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