Bowinn Ma is an energetic candidate with strong professional credentials, progressive values, and the skills necessary for building a better province. As a Professional Engineer and Project Manager, Bowinn Ma will bring a technical perspective to the BC New Democrat Caucus along with an analytical and pragmatic approach to policy making.

Bowinn is a strong advocate of providing adequate and stable funding for public education, increased rates for welfare and disability assistance, the development of a provincial poverty reduction plan, and resolving the issue of affordable housing in Metro Vancouver.

Bowinn also supports increased investment in public infrastructure as a means of producing jobs, boosting the economy, and ensuring that the province is able to meet the needs of its businesses and residents long into the future.

As someone with a transportation engineering background, Bowinn is particularly interested in expanding BC’s rapid transportation network as a way of providing a long-term solution to traffic congestion in the North Shore and throughout the Lower Mainland and as a key component of a sustainable transportation model for a growing province. Bowinn also advocates tackling climate change with urgency by increasing carbon tax prices and favoring investments in the green technology and renewable resource sectors.

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