Public Policy

20160319-BowinnM-SITEBC-16.jpgI am often asked what issues matter to me most and what policies and solutions I would enact if I am elected. Throughout the posts in this blog I will attempt to answer that question, but before I do so, some acknowledgements must be made.  

Firstly, I strongly believe that when a government creates public policy it must be developed with the next generation in mind, not just the next election. Long term solutions that lead to truly creating a better future for our children will not always look good for the next election, but now is not the time to be timid or short sighted. Now is the time to work towards a better future.

Any person participating in the development of policies must be aware of the reality that their perspective is only one of many. Each social issue is made of up ever deepening layers of complex systems that are all intertwined.

Public policy needs to be developed with the next generation and not just the next election in mind.

-- Bowinn Ma

Despite our best intentions we should never presume to be able to dictate the best solution for any public policy for an entire province. Public policy needs to be approached in a holistic manner that seeks to provide reliable long-term benefits to the public. My leadership is informed by empirical evidence, research, a thorough understanding of the local context, and keen foresight in identifying potential consequences of policy changes.  

Hard work and earnest effort to consult the public, reach out to experts, gather and analyze data, and understand the fundamental issue we are trying to resolve is paramount. None of this can - or should - be done by a single person. As an advocate for the holistic process, I recognize the value in being flexible. Accommodating new and emerging information as it becomes available is key to the process, and integral to my success as a leader of public policy.

As someone who recognizes that public policy has a real and potent impact on members of the public, I do not take lightly my duty to safeguard the public welfare (as my Engineer’s Code of Ethics requires I do) when discussing the actual enactment of public policy. While I share my vision, my principles, and my values with you I also invite you to provide me with your feedback where you disagree with my approach. If it is a perspective I have not considered previously you will have done me a great service.


With great respect from your neighbor,

Bowinn Ma, P.Eng, PMP, MM


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