Housing Affordability


It’s time for action on Housing Affordability

Safe, secure, and affordable housing shouldn’t be considered a luxury – it’s a basic need that everyone deserves. 

After sixteen years in power, Christy Clark and the BC Liberals have allowed life to get more expensive. Housing and rental prices are skyrocketing, rental availability is plummeting, child care costs for young families are through the roof, and wages have remained stagnant. It sometimes feels like the only people who have been helped by the BC Liberals are the super wealthy; in fact taxes for the rich have been going down.

Affordability in the Lower Mainland can be achieved with policies aimed at helping average people like you and me, not just the wealthy and well-connected. The BC NDP would close the loopholes that allow rampant speculation and manage the commodification of housing while taxing foreign national property owners who do not pay local taxes in accordance to the BC Housing Affordability Fund Proposal.

I know first hand what it’s like to move from rental unit to rental unit and how hard it is to save up for the future after all the bills are paid. BC’s New Democrats have been at the forefront of fighting for affordable housing for years through MLA David Eby’s incredible work and we will continue to be your champions in government on this critical issue.



In your service,

Bowinn Ma, P.Eng
BC NDP Candidate
North Vancouver-Lonsdale