Your new BC NDP Government has fulfilled its promise to Ban Big Money from BC politics. Corporate and union donations are no longer accepted. Residents of BC may donate up to a total of $1225.17 per year to a political party, its riding associations, and its candidates.

When you donate to the Bowinn Ma Campaign, you're supporting the good work of Bowinn Ma, MLA and the BC NDP Government. Look through Bowinn Ma, MLA's Newsletters to see what changes we've made since forming Government!

Donate By Credit Card

You can donate by credit card using our secure online billing form:

Donate By Cheque

Cheques must be made out to “BC NDP” and be sure to include your full legal name, current address, and contact information. Cheques may be mailed to:

Bowinn Ma Campaign
212 - 1641 Lonsdale Ave
North Vancouver, BC  V7M 2J5
*Drop off not available at this address.

Donations are eligible for income tax credits

 The credit is calculated as the lesser of:

  1. The total of:
    • 75% of contributions up to $100
    • 50% of contributions between $100 and $550
    • 33 1/3% of contributions in excess of $550
  2. $500

Example tax credit calculations:


Tax Credit

Net Cost






















*Maximum annual donation to any one political party, its riding associations, and its candidates.