Climate Change

It is incumbent upon governments to make public policy decisions with an eye towards the future at all times to ensure that younger generations are able to benefit from the promise of a better future. Keeping those promises to our children demands that we take meaningful action on climate change and enforce environmental protections now.

That’s why the BC NDP has taken a strong stance in opposition to the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion Project and why the BC NDP has committed to a Climate Action Plan that environmental advocates are hailing as a plan that moves us in the right direction.

Along with our Power BC plan and our commitment to investing in public transportation infrastructure, the BC NDP’s platform strikes the right balance between moving our province in the right direction in terms of the environment and creating jobs by investing in the industries that support a greener economy.

It is time for us to move towards a sustainable vision for the future and a BC NDP government will do this for British Columbia.


20170218-BowinnM-Opening-1.jpg "I have fought for the environment my entire life -- I know what it takes. I'm urging all environmentalists to support Bowinn Ma because she understands that our children deserve a healthy future on this planet."
--Rod Marining, Co-Founder of Greenpeace International and Sea Shepherd Navigator


20170218-BowinnM-Opening-11.jpg "I care deeply about the future of our region, our province and our planet. I'm supporting Bowinn Ma as she is part of a refreshing new generation of leadership that I trust to make decisions that benefit British Columbians now and into the future. We can't afford another four years of inaction on climate change, failed LNG pipe dreams, or unnecessary mega projects that have been opposed by First Nations, local government, economists and scientists. It's time for change, it's time for a government that will work with us on the things British Columbians care about. Vote for Bowinn Ma."
--Wes Regan, Green Party Candidate (2015 Federal Election) and Urban Planner

"The BC NDP's commitment to electoral reform has got my attention. It will pave the way for democratic fairness in electing members to the legislature. This is why, as a former BC Green Party Leader, I am urging you to support Bowinn Ma for MLA in North Vancouver-Lonsdale. A vote for Bowinn is a vote for real change."
--Stuart Parker, longest serving Leader of the BC Green Party (1993-2000)